Witch? Siti laughs at poison mail.


TOP Malaysian singer, Siti Nurhaliza and several entertainment journalists have become the target of a malicious e-mail campaign.

At least one e-mail message sent to a journalist contained a death threat, reported the New Straits Times.

A long e-mail message, dated Aug 16, alleges, among other things, that Siti Nurhaliza dabbles in the occult to preserve her beauty and popularity, and that she has had plastic surgery and botox treatments.

The e-mail reads: ‘Me and my friends have changed our attitudes. We have thrown away all of Siti’s CDs. Siti is not the princess we followed, but a witch who dabbles in the occult to be beautiful and popular.’

But the 25-year-old singer told Singapore’s Berita Harian in a phone interview that the accusations were baseless.

Does she swallow eggs in some occult ritual, to feed ghosts? Siti laughed. She does swallow raw egg yolks – to nourish her throat.

The e-mail message said: ‘We saw in the washrooms before the show, Siti swallowed eggs. Is she keeping ghosts?’

Siti said: ‘I felt like laughing when I read the e-mail. I pity those who believe it. I have long been doing this (eating eggs).

‘Even before I was serious about being an artiste, I would eat raw eggs. It is a practice handed down from my own mother. It’s something the old folks believe in.’

Siti told Berita Harian: ‘Usually I will eat eggs only if there is a big performance requiring full voice strength for instance, for a concert or if I am having throat problems.’

She said she swallows raw egg yolks because she believes they help smoothen the throat and treat any throat injuries.

So did she swallow eggs in the toilet?

Siti said: ‘Why can’t I?

‘I sometimes do so in the washroom because I dispose of the egg white in the sink.’

And yes, she has used eggs as a beauty treatment. But not in the way alleged in the e-mail message.

Siti explained: ‘I was young then (a teenager) and I didn’t have money for beauty products so I made my own.

‘I mixed egg white with rice flour.’

What about the claims of plastic surgery and flower baths.

She said: ‘I am grateful that I was born complete I have no desire to change anything, except to lose a little weight!’

And no, she has not bathed with flowers either, simply because she has not had the time for such treatments.

Siti admitted that when she first read the e-mail, she felt a mixture of amusement and anger.

She told Berita Harian: ‘I accept all of this because my position today is a result of all the testing that I have experienced in the past… But don’t think that because I keep quiet about it that I am admitting defeat.’

Mr Zainal Abidin Omar, chairman of Karyawan which oversees the welfare of singers, told the New Straits Times that its initial investigations revealed that the e-mail had been sent by someone in the entertainment industry.