Siti’s a picture of serenity


The swirl of rumours around Datuk Siti Nurhaliza doesn’t ruffle her feathers. This songbird prefers to focus on what’s important in her life. SHUIB TAIB writes.

HAVING been in the business for more than 10 years, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza knows only too well that over-reacting is a no-no when it comes to sticky issues.

When indirectly queried by the Press if she was having stressful days of late — her husband Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa (widely known as Datuk K) was accused of beating up his son’s friend — Siti coolly replied that she was not.

“I love my job and it’s a responsibility for me. Anything outside of it does not affect me. Of course it is God-given that I have to go through so many things in life but I take the good with the bad. I don’t listen to rumours or hearsay. I’m a professional and the show must go on,” said Siti, giving a wide smile.

And, no, she is not pregnant. Although she has been spotted frequenting the clinic, Siti said it was for a normal check-up.
“I try to go for regular check-ups especially now that I am married and planning to start a family.

“I want to make sure that I’m healthy and ready. And no, I didn’t have a miscarriage,” said Siti, denying a rumour which was published in a local tabloid not too long ago.

This month, Siti will be busy as a bee again. Fans who miss watching her perform “live” can look forward to several shows by Siti like Konsert Nostalgia Istana Cinta Tan Sri P.Ramlee & Puan Sri Saloma Bersama Datuk Siti Nurhalilza on April 20 and 21 as well as her secretaries show at Palace of the Golden Horses on April 24. Yesterday, she performed in the Suara Hati Sudirman Concert.

“Yes, since my marriage to Datuk Khalid, I have slowed down a little. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not active in singing at all! It is just that these days, I pick and choose the events that I attend,” she said.

“There are times when our schedules clash. I travel with my husband a lot these days only because I’m free. But this month, I will have my hands full with recording and other stuff,” said Siti.

Siti was speaking to the Press at ntv7 recently where she appeared on the Prelude Kemuncak AIM show. Looking slim and radiant in her black attire, shealso spoke of her current album project.

“It has been four years since my last traditional album. I will still retain Pak Ngah’s services as he writes wonderful traditional melodies.

“However, new composers are also welcome. For example, Aubrey Suwito, who has never composed a traditional song before, has expressed great interest in writing one,” said Siti.

Several others like Yasin, Ayob Ibrahim and Datuk Ahmad Nawab and those from Indonesia have also sent in their compositions.

If Siti were to record a traditional song by an Indonesian composer, does that mean that she might be singing, er, dangdut too?

“No! There won’t be any dangdut number but the tabla, which is often used in dangdut music, may be used in a song or two,” said Siti, who expects the album to be released in August.

Asked if there is anything else that she would like to try, Siti said that she would like to try the reel thing.

“If possible, I would like to give acting at least one shot!”

“Konsert Nostalgia Istana Cinta” will be held at Panggung Sari of Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. The concert is a tribute to the legendary husband-and-wife team of Tan Sri P.Ramlee and Saloma.

Siti is expected to render 20 songs composed by the former and made popular by the latter.

Among them are Cik Keboom, Merak Kayangan and Engkau Laksana Bulan.

Guest artistes, Fazli Zainal, Musly Ramli and Isketambola will accompany Siti in several songs, with the night’s music provided by the National Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Mustafa Fuzer Nawi.

Tickets, priced at RM250, RM200, RM150, RM80 and RM50, are available at Istana Budaya.

Call 03-4026-5558.