Siti, the queen of hearts


HITTING ALL THE RIGHT NOTES: Malaysian pop star Siti Nurhaliza wowing the crowd at the Esplanade Theatre last night with her powerhouse vocals. — ST PHOTO: ALBERT SIM

MALAYSIAN pop queen Siti Nurhaliza rules hearts in Singapore as well.
The 29-year-old held her first solo show here in three years at the 2,000-seat Esplanade Theatre last night.

Titled Diari Hati – Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza (Diary Of Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza’s Heart), the concert started at 8.10pm when she came on stage in a long, flowy electric-blue dress.

The enthusiastic crowd, which filled three-quarters of the hall, was treated to numbers such as Ku Mahu (I Want) and Mulanya Cinta (Start Of Love) from her latest album, Hadiah Daripada Hati (A Gift From The Heart).

Since her last concert here, held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Siti has married Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa and has also become the youngest Malaysian to hold the title of datuk, an honorific conferred by the Pahang sultan.

She also started wearing the tudung, or headscarf, after completing the haj last December.

But all that mattered to her fans was that she could still bring the house down with her powerful and expressive voice.

She obliged with a performance that left no doubt that her reign is still going strong.



  1. suke gak umah ijau nie…kaler purple ada tak??
    arituh kutuk dia pakai tudung nampak ni sbb pakai pelik pulak…
    aku rs pasni kene selaraskan cara2 penggunaan tudung spy tidak dibuat sesuka hati…

  2. boleh je sha asalkan jangan anggap ini satu bercakaran atau bergaduh. lu nak join kat sini lagi suka joe bro kita… makin ramai beri komen makin meriah… :mrgreen:

    jemput ….jemput masuk. tambah nasi lauk… air sirap pun ada. hmmmm….talking pasal sirap…bro sirap mana ya.??? pegi memburu ke??? 😛

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