Siti still the top draw


Oct 21:

Siti Nurhaliza, who recently released her Royal Albert Hall concert VCD, has fans clamouring for more. SHUIB TAIB writes.
IT was a typical Siti Nurhaliza Press conference where eager journalists who had gathered there came prepared with their “million-dollar” questions.

The main one was whether she is getting married in January as rumoured.

Then again, Siti had convincing answers to satisfy even the most curious.

Siti was, as expected, calm and collected. Even though the buka puasa was held to launch her Royal Albert Hall, London concert VCD, she must have anticipated that the Press was not going to revolve around that alone.

Indeed, though her concert was held in unpredictable English weather, Siti was as predictable as ever.

“All I can say is that at this very moment, I am not getting married. The speculation you’ve been hearing is not true. No, I haven’t set a date or time or place.

“Don’t worry, I will inform all of you when I decide to (get married),” said Siti (right) as she continued signing autographs on her VCDs and posters. Looking resplendent in an off-white baju kurung and with a hint of J.Lo perfume emanating from her, Siti said that this month will be used to finish recording her upcoming Malay album.

For the first time, Siti will produce the album herself. The album should be a blast since Siti is planning to sing songs by top composers from both Malaysia and Indonesia.

“I have about 15 songs given to me by my composer friends like Yasin, Catt Ruffedge, Damian V.E. as well as Indonesia’s Melly Goeslow, Erwin Gutawa and Glen. It’s very difficult to choose — some songs only make an impact after repeated listening, so I will really have to select the best,” said Siti who left for Mecca last Saturday to perform the Umrah with her family.

The three-part Royal Albert Hall concert VCD is a must-have. Although it was held in April, Siti had to wait for the material to be delivered to her by Royal Albert Hall (RAH) before she could market it.

“Recording and mastering was done by RAH. The concert lasted three hours but everything couldn’t be put in as a VCD can only take about 21/2 hours. However, the DVD which will be released later will have the full three-hour concert,” said Siti adding that the RM29.90 VCD was released on Oct 10.

In a music industry where albums don’t sell that many unless it has “Mawi” on it, Siti is still upbeat about this special album.

Meantime, Siti gained yet another entry into The Malaysia Book of Records for being the first Malaysian artiste to perform a solo concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall.

“Siti Nurhaliza is nothing new to the MBR having gained entry as an artiste with the most number of awards — 129 at the last count. Don’t stop here, Siti.

“I hope her good record will aspire excellence among the younger generation. I hope they will follow in your (Siti) footsteps,” said MBR managing director Datuk Danny Ooi.