Siti shows she can act.

“July 31: Siti Nurhaliza shows her†actin? skills in her new music video, which comes with TMNe4s prepaid reload CD, writes MURALLITHARAN M

SITI Nurhaliza unveiled yet another facet of her talents in , with the unveiling of her new music video Debaran Cinta shot with in a story-like sequence. The Siti’s new music video, unveiled as part of TMNet’s prepaid reload CD, features her and Indonesian heartthrob Nicholas Saputra along with the 3R series girls presenters Azah Yasmin Yusoff, Low Ngai Yuen and Kartini Kamarul Ariffin. Debaran Cinta, directed by Bernard Chauly, is another one of those stories set in a college, setting with two friends about two college-mates, Nico (Nicholas Saputra) and Siti Soraya (Siti). who are friends. but harbor something else within. Only at their parting do they realise that they may be in love. Reads like any other Malaysian a typical love story but the interesting part is how they managed to shoot the whole thing in about four minutes. The 3R girls provide the much-needed colour and humour to the whole music video clip. Fans of Siti would be excited to see their idol in an all-new chic white get-up that gives the music video a real MTV feel. Part of the Emas album, the R&B number has a very pleasant feel that helps walk you through the story. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the Debaran Cinta music video is one of two clips featured on the third 3rd TMNet prepaid reload CD, the other clip being Janji Kasih. The third of its series, the prepaid reload CD and starter packs feature music videos of Siti, Nurhaliza who is the TMNet ambassador. Also included are additional freebies like wallpapers, song lyrics, a picture gallery of Siti, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music video and screen savers. “”The success of the second 2nd prepaid reload CD, which featured Siti in an Afro-like hairdo in KuMilikmu, has encouraged us to try something new,”” said CEO of TMNet CEO Datuk Baharum Salleh. “”In this CD series, Siti attempts something she has not done before — acting. We hope to produce more entertainment-laden multimedia items in our future prepaid reload and starter pack CD series.”” Siti herself says that “”although acting seems to be a load of fun, especially in the sense that I get to portray different kinds of emotions, other than being happy and cheerful onstage, I don’t think that I’m going to be going I’ll get into the acting business anytime soon.”” The TMNet prepaid reload CD is priced at RM50 for 80 hours of Internet access and is available at all leading outlets. For details, call 1-300-88-1515 or visit

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