Sharifah Aini VS Siti Nurhaliza

I had expected Siti Nurhaliza will not win on the case. Futhermore Sharifah Aini got 4 top lawyers! She is a smart woman.

Why Sharifah Aini was discharge not amounting to an acquittal? Was it because all the facts in the email were true?

Or was it because Siti Nurhaliza did not report the email to the law in the first place? Why Siti Nurhaliza did not report it? Was she scared that the facts were true? Only Siti Nurhaliza and her gang knew.

Heard that Siti Nurhaliza goes to Las Vegas few week ago to watch Celine Dion’s concert. Hmmm… Do she really go there to wacth the concert or for family’s activity? Only God know!