Pop queen Siti to report online slander.

PETALING JAYA: E-mails deriding pop queen Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin have reached as far as Taiwan, besides circulating in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

The singer’s brother Saiful Bahri said a government official in Taipei alerted Siti Nurhaliza about the e-mails when she was performing there recently.

“We do not want to create trouble for others but it has gone to a level that challenges our family’s dignity.

“This is close to killing her career,” said Saiful Bahri, who is also co-managing director of Siti Nurhaliza Productions (SNP), the company that manages the singer.

He said she would lodge a police report before she leaves for her concert in Indonesia soon.

“Siti Nurhaliza is very sad and could not believe that someone would run down another Malaysian,” he said, commenting on reports that the artiste had become a victim of slanderous e-mails which claimed that she did not possess a clean image as portrayed by the media.

The authors of the e-mails, purportedly called “Asmah and the Gang,” claimed they were Astro staff.

Siti Nurhaliza said she received two such e-mails prior to her concert at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil recently and another one last week.

“We have to act as it challenged Siti Nurhaliza’s dignity,” said Saiful Bahri, adding that the move to lodge a police report was also aimed at curbing the culture of spreading lies through e-mails.

SNP has engaged lawyers to handle the matter.

Karyawan chairman Zainal Abidin Omar said the prime suspect was someone from the industry, adding that the trend of using e-mails to spread rumours about an individual’s personal life should be stopped.

“It is all right to criticise one’s performance but not her personal life.”

“Let the police track down the culprits,” he said, adding that he brought the matter to Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar’s attention on Tuesday.