My Siti Nurhaliza Biography

Once upon a time, somewhere at the beginning of 1996, while i was ironing my army uniform, a sweet and energetic voice caught my attention on the tv set. When i looked at the screen, a Malay popular group called '2By2' were singing with a 17 years old lady. I remembered that this petite singer who won the Bintang RTM (Radio & TV Malaysia) 1995 singing contest in which she sang Aishah's hit song "Camar Yang Pulang" which means "The Tern Which Returned".

They were singing 'MawarKu'. The young lady was not that pretty but her voice was so powerful that i predicted that one day she would become a big star. Really enjoyed watching her pulling her voice to the high pitch. I have never seen any singer who sang that song with such a wonderful and excellent vocal range and control. Until now, i still can't find that video which was stage at RTM1, Hiburan Minggu Ini with "2by2" i think.

I keep watching and waiting.. watching and waiting again to see who this lady's name was? At last i found out that her name is Siti Nurhaliza. What a nice name? Siti means earth, Nur is light and Haliza was someone from the prophets family. What a unique combination! I decided to make her my 3rd girlfriend, after i dumped Norzila Aminuddin and Amy Mastura.

Siti Nurhaliza is the fourth child in the family of seven siblings. Actually she was the fifth child as one of her sibling had passed away. Siti Nurhaliza, IC number 790111-06-5624, is the daughter of Tarudin Bin Ismail and Siti Salmah Bt. Bachik .

Her grandfather and her mother used to be a famous violinist and a traditional singer in Pahang respectively. Her brother, Ayie also used to be a singer too. But it was her uncle, a former singer who influenced her. Some of her idols were/are ex-Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad, Sudirman , P.Ramlee , Ziana Zain and Celine Dion.

The next day i went to the 'cassette' shop to buy her album. I found out that she had 2 albums, one duet with 2By2 and the other one was her solo album called "Siti Nurhaliza" under recording label Suria Records which was released on 1st April 1996.

Her songs had not been played in any radio stations, so i just gambled and brought her solo album because i have the money for an album only. Lucky for me, her solo album did not disappoint me. Some of my favorite songs were 'Jawapan Di Persimpangan' and 'Jerat Percintaan'.

Dec 24 1996, the first award she ever received after becoming a recording artist was at the "Anugerah Muzik Singapura 1996" which means Singapore Music Awards organised by the Singapore Malay radio station (Warna 94.2 fm). She won the "Most Popular Female Artiste" and the "Most Popular Song" ~ "Mawarku" duet with "2by2".

From there onwards, more and more awards started to fill up her cabinet. In Muzik Muzik 1996 now called Anugerah Juara Lagu, she won "Best Performance", "Best Ballad Song" and "Overall Juara Lagu" for the song "Jerat Percintaan" which means "Love Trap" and beat some award-winning singers such as Ziana Zain and Fauziah Latiff.

In January 1997 after winning the Muzik-Muzik 1996, Siti who was born on 11 January 1979 at Kg. Awah Temerloh , Pahang, stopped schooling to map out her future in show-business, although her initial ambition was to be a police officer, just like her father.

"I had my future all planned out then. Although I love singing, I wanted to be a police officer, like my father. But now that I've won this trophy, I'm definitely going into singing.", said Siti who completed her Form Five at Clifford Secondary School in 1996.

Siti Nurhaliza came out with another 'self-titled' album, "Aku Cinta Padamu". This time 'Aku Cinta Padamu' song which means 'I Love You' become hit and soon more and more people became her fans and made her the star in the year of 1997.

The album was so successful that her record company, SRC released a different version album called "Betapa Aku Cinta Padamu" which means "How much i love you" for the Indonesian market.

Some of the hit songs were 'Bisikan Asmara', 'Kesilapanku, Keegoanmu' and 'Wajah Kekasih' In this album, she had included one traditional song called 'Sri Mersing' to test the market for her 1st traditional album.

Some of her wishlist was to further study in a private college and to have her own business. One of her wish come true and now she owned 3 companies in Siti Nurhaliza Productions (SNP), Siti Nurhaliza Collections (SNC) and Siti Nurhaliza Marketing (SNM). SNP involved in Siti concert stuffs, SNC involved in selling Siti's souvenir (key-chains, t-shirts) while SNM involved in promoting Siti products such as C-TEA.

The first ever criticize she had was about the unwillingness to pose picture with male artists. Since then question "why she changed her words?" was asked when she posed with male artists.

For her, to pose a picture with male artists, it must have a valid reason. She don't mind posing with 2By2 as she was part of their duet album. She do not want to be popular artist because of gossip, and one of the way to protect her family good name was to avoid taking picture with male artist. She preferred to be known because of her quality voice and performance than because of sexy or gaining fame from other popular male artists.

20th August 1997, Siti was invited to host Indonesian tv station (Indosiar) "Satu Jam Bersama" programme. She sang "Bisikan Asmara", "Kesilapanmu", "Kaulah Segalanya", duet with Yana Julio for "We Could Be In Love", duet with Harvey Malaiholo for "Words" and her last and hit song "Betapa Aku Cinta Pada Mu".

In Anugerah Skrin dan Bintang Popular 1996 on 24 August 1997, she won another 4 awards: "Most Popular Teen Artiste", "Most Popular Female Artiste", "TV Most Popular Entertainer" and "Most Popular Artiste".

She beat Erra Fazira, Amy Mastura, Nora dan Aishah for the "Most Popular Female Artiste". She also beat KRU, Ziana Zain, Awie, Senario, Nurul, Zizie Izzette, Ngasriah Nasri and Elite for the other awards.

Siti bagged about 15 awards in 1997.

Sensasi Bersama Siti Nurhaliza concert was shown on the 2nd day of hari raya 1998 at Asro Ria. Behind the scene, during the recording of the show, every time siti make a mistake, ''Tuit… tuit… tuit'' sounds will come out from her. It was a signal she used back home in Kuala Lipis, Pahang. That where the "Tweet Fans Club" got it name.

In the show, she sang Cindai, Joget Berhibur, Sesuci Lebaran, Bisikan Asmara, Aku Cinta Padamu, I Will Always Love You, Jeritan Batinku, Bunyi Gitar, Jangan Tinggal Daku and Putus Sudah Kasih Sayang.

At the end of 1998, for the 1st time, Siti was invited to Saga, Japan, to sing at Pop Queen Festival (Saga Fiesta '98). She sang Cindai, Purnama Merindu and Satu Cinta Dua Jiwa.

1998 saw her bagged only 5 awards. Was siti losing her popularity?

Mid 1999, SNP first project, a documentation video of the making of her new pop album was planned. Opera Klasik, Rashid Sibir's company was appointed as the director of the video. The video shown the songwriters and the composers telling fans the meaning and history of every song in the album.

Parti Keadilan Nasional called for a boycott of Siti's albums because they claimed that siti was used by the country's leadership when she made a speech during her performance for the National Day celebration. Keadilan's information chief Ruslan Kassim said that Siti Nurhaliza's speech sounded similar to that of the Prime Minister's.

1998 saw her bagged only 5 awards, but 1999, she got 14 awards! The awards started to favor Siti once more.