Lavish wedding to remember


KUANTAN: The month of September saw two lavish weddings taking place with both brides hailing from Pahang.

On Sept 2, it was the highly-publicised wedding between businessman Datuk Khalid Muhammad Jiwa or Datuk K and pop icon Siti Nurhaliza.

Wife of the Tengku Muda of Pahang, Cik Puan Julita Aisyah Abdul Latiff, performing the tepung tawar(giving her blessings) to the bride and groom.
The “wedding of the year” saw a reception in the hometown of Siti in Kuala Lipis, which attracted a crowd of 10,000 people.

Then, a week later, it was the wedding of another businessman Datuk Roslan Hashim with Puteri Shahanaz Hazlin Hamdan, a member of Pahang royalty.

This lesser known wedding took place in the affluent area of Kampung Tok Sira here with less fanfare.

But what startled the public was Roslan’s revelation to reporters during the solemnisation ceremony that he spent RM3.5mil for the wedding, including gifts, solemnisation ceremony and the reception.

Among others, Roslan’s wedding gift to Puteri Shahanaz amounted to RM444,444.44 in cash and a further RM22,222.22 in dowry.

Artiste Ziana Zain performing for the guests.
Other gifts include a BMW 320i worth RM250,000, a RM150,000 jewellery set, a diamond ring worth RM20,000, a RM25,000 Rolex watch and other designer items.

In turn, Puteri Shahanaz presented Roslan with 20 trays of gifts which included a Rolex watch worth RM84,000, a wedding ring and other designer items.

About 800 guests, including members of the Pahang royalty, attended the couple’s reception at the Sultan Ahmad Shah silver jubilee hall.

Cik Puan Muda Julita Aishah, wife of Tengku Muda Pahang Tengku Abdul Rahman, was present to perform the “tepung tawar” (wedding blessings) on the couple, seated on a dais, in the centre of the stage.

Earlier, a kompang troupe and dancers from the state cultural office put up a performance to welcome the couple who arrived in traditional attire.

Roslan was spotted in a warrior outfit complete with headgear and a keris tucked in his waist while the bride was dazzling in her gown.

The master of ceremonies exchanged quatrains in describing the atmosphere and the loving couple.

Moments after the symbolic ceremony ended, the guests were entertained to several performances including an overture, dances and songs by artistes, including Ziana Zain, accompanied by the Pahang state combo.

Both weddings remained the hottest topic for conversation in town throughout the month due to their “lavishness” and the personalities involved.

While the bridegrooms were prominent “businessmen,” the brides too were not commoners, one being a popular songstress, and the other a part-time model related to the late Tengku Ampuan Pahang Tengku Afzan.

Another glaring similarity of sorts was the age gap between the brides and the bridegrooms.

Datuk K, 46, was a divorcee with four children, aged between eight and 19, before his marriage to Siti, 27.

Roslan, 49, also a divorcee, has five children, aged 13 to 21, when he married the 24-year-old Puteri Shahanaz after six months of courtship.