‘I’ll get to bottom of lies’

Datuk K breaks silence on SMS rumours that he beat singer wife Siti Nurhaliza

TEXT messages claiming that popular Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin had been hospitalised after being badly beaten by her husband are absolutely false, said the couple.

Datuk K and Siti Nurhaliza held a press conference to deny the rumours that he beat her. Picture: NEW STRAITS TIMES
They want to find the people responsible for spreading the lies and may even take legal action, reported Malaysian newspapers.


Last Friday, Siti Nurhaliza and her husband, Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa, better known as Datuk K, were at a wedding when a relative informed them of the circulating SMS.

Datuk K told Harian Metro: ‘We were shocked when Siti’s sister-in-law Rozi Razak told us about the SMS that said I had hit Siti until she was badly hurt.’

The rumours were reported in some Malaysian newspapers, shocking family and friends.

Most upset was Siti Nurhaliza’s father.

Datuk K told Berita Harian Malaysia: ‘The person who was most shocked and upset was Siti’s father.

‘When he saw the article in the newspapers, he became very angry.

‘He asked us to investigate the matter thoroughly so that the truth would be revealed.’

While both Siti Nurhaliza and DatukK had initially wanted to keep the matter quiet, they have now decided to go public.


Siti Nurhaliza told Berita Harian Malaysia: ‘At first, I didn’t want to comment, but I am married now, and this matter affects many people.

‘My husband’s reputation is important. I don’t want gossip like this to lead to more stories that could hurt our family even more.’

Legal action is a possibility.

Datuk K told Harian Metro: ‘I will do everything I can to get to the bottom of this.

‘But before I take any action, I will consider the person’s background and whether he is of sound mind.’

Immediately after the rumours surfaced, the couple jetted off to Bali for a holiday, proving that the rumours were baseless.

Datuk K said: ‘This isn’t the first time that people have tried to break up our marriage.

‘Many times in the past irresponsible people have tried to sully my reputation. This includes various stories circulating on the Internet.’