Honeymoon’s over

-by Joe Lee –
NO more Siti Nurhaliza bashing, at least not on her official website to be re-activated soon.


The queen of pop, at her first public appearance last night after her honeymoon, said she would re-activate the forum section of her official website, sitizone.com, but it will only be accessible to registered fans.

The forum section of the website, run by Siti Nurhaliza Production (SNP), was shut down on June 28 when it was besieged with unflattering remarks over her choice of a life partner.

“I will re-open the forum soon, though I think we will have to limit it to only registered fans. It will definitely have to be moderated,” she said.

Siti said the precautions were to filter out those who did not contribute positively to the discussions. “At that point, anyone had access. I think we’ll have to find a way to vet and filter those joining in the forum to avoid a repeat of the incident.”

While her popularity may have been slightly dented since she tied the knot, Siti was adamant that she still has a following.

“Everywhere I go, fans still approach me for photos and autographs, so I thank God for that as it appears that things have not changed that much.”

For the time being, she seems to have no qualms sharing the throne with fellow Malay pop blueblood, Mawi.

The biggest duet between the two most bankable names, announced by Mawi earlier this week, seems set to happen.

“I haven’t discussed the duet with my management, but if everything goes well, I see no problem doing it. After all, it’s not the first time I’ve collaborated with a male artiste before as I have recorded songs with ‘sifu’ M. Nasir, the legendary Tan Sri S.M Salim and hip hop duo Too Phat.”

Siti’s name, in fact, seems more bankable than ever. Last night, Siti launched Cerita Cinta Siti Nurhaliza, a compilation released by Suria Records Sdn Bhd (SRC), featuring the new single, Cahaya Cinta, penned by the diva herself and first sung during her wedding reception at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

She said her new role as a wife gets priority. “The time we had on our honeymoon was very precious and even though it was only a short period, I treasure every moment of it, but now that we’re back, it’s back to work.

“My responsibilities as a wife take precedence including duties like preparing dishes for him for berbuka and bersahur.

“I am happy preparing some of my husband’s favourite dishes. He is a simple man, as long as he has his sambal belacan and some of his choice fare,” she laughed.