ANUGERAH SKRIN 2005: Winners and losers

Aug 29 2005

Anugerah Skrin 2005 was a night of disaster that even Siti Nurhaliza’s opening act and Ella’s sweetness couldn’t save, writes FARIDUL ANWAR FARINORDIN and HAFIDAH SAMAT.
TOWARDS the end of Anugerah Skrin 2005 last Friday, voices of dissent and whispers of dissatisfaction were heard: “The organisers should change the title of the award show to Anugerah Grand Brilliance (the TV3 production arm that bagged the most wins) instead”. The award ceremony was organised by TV3.

Actors hanging around outside the men’s room of Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, were equally vocal: “Maybe we should only take acting jobs offered by Grand Brilliance — then there’s a better chance of winning.”

Sour grapes? Perhaps but who could blame them?

Grand Brilliance products — feature film Buli (a directorial debut by Afdlin Shauki) and a TV drama Miftahul Jamilah (directed by Raja Ahmad Alaudin) — bagged three and four awards respectively.

BIG WIN: Afdlin bagged three awards

Miftahul took Best Teleplay (Azlina Pa’Wan), Best Actress in a TV Drama (Lis Dawati), Best Director for TV Drama (Raja) and Best TV Drama awards. Meanwhile, for Buli, Afdlin bagged Best Screenplay, Best Actor in a Film and Best Film Director awards.

The situation became painfully “predictable” by the time Best Drama TV Serial, one of the three main awards, was announced. That’s when the audience started chanting (playfully) for the likely winner, Sephia (another outing from GBSB).

No prizes for guessing the winner.

Directed by Zulkifli R. Shad and starring Catriona Ross, Ako Mustapha and Hans Isaac, Sephia was up against crowd favourites — Orang Gaji 41 (directed by Faisal Chal Ahmad and starred Ellie Suriaty and Sheila Rusly) and Rindu Semakin Jauh (helmed by Jinggo and featured Rosyam Nor and Umie Aida).

Everyone was puzzled when Paloh, the period war movie directed by Adman Salleh, was named Best Film though it didn’t bag any other major award — both Best Screenplay and Best Director went to Afdlin for Buli.

It was even more surprising that competing in the same category were Puteri Gunung Ledang (Saw Teong Hin), Buai Laju-Laju (U-Wei Shaari) and Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam (Shuhaimi Baba).

Inevitably, one wondered if the award was given to Paloh based on other criteria (in case you’re wondering, the biannual award included film/telemovies/dramas released between 2003 and 2004).

Speaking to reporters later, a clearly shocked Adman said: “Maybe the jury thought this film is special. Maybe because Merdeka Day is around the corner. For me, this is an honest film that carries a powerful message of hope — and that is its strength.”

With the win, he hoped the public will re-look at Paloh as a film of substance. “I know it bombed at the box-office, but I hope the public will now validate the film for its quality.”

Currently in its seventh year, the award show began on a promising note when Siti Nurhaliza performed the traditional tune Tari Tualang Tiga (taken from P. Ramlee’s Orang Minyak) accompanied by dancers from Yayasan Warisan Johor.

SPELLBINDING: Siti’s opening act

Then self-indulgent host Azwan Ali had to ruin it all by appearing in dark sunglasses — his interpretation of the evening’s songket theme notwithstanding.

The so-called veteran TV host triggered ugly reactions from live audience (“Can’t somebody tell him to stop blabbering?”) as well as those at home. Some irate viewers even went out of their way to discuss their disappointment on Astro’s chatroom (Astro@15 channel)!

Azwan wasted precious airtime with irrelevant, not-funny-at-all “jokes” with a bad aftertaste. However, he kept at it, trying to squeeze every drop of imagined laughter from the audience who, by now, was cringing with disbelief.

Did he notice? No, he was so involved with himself that he was oblivious to the crowd’s reaction. This was most evident when he walked down to the floor to “talk” to some of the nominees — some tried uncomfortably to avoid him!

At the end of the show, an award-winning veteran actor was heard saying: “I think Azwan mentioned his own name 97 times.”

This year marked the first time that the award ceremony included a sit-down dinner a’ la the prestigious Golden Globe Award. Winners were also immediately whisked away after accepting their trophies, to a designated section for Press interviews.

Conceptually, this change is commendable. Even the overall production aspect of the show was quite immaculate. Performance wise, the artistes line-up and their repertoire were also relevant to the evening’s mood that married the traditional with the contemporary.

Performers included V.E (Kerna), Ruffedge (Pop Yeh Yeh), Jamal Abdillah (Aku Penghibur) and Misha Omar (a cover of Alleycats’ Kerana Kau).

It was also fitting that the show included a heartfelt tribute to departed industry veterans, performed by Liza Hanim who rendered evergreens Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti and Engkau Laksana Bulan.

Sticking out like a sore thumb — apart from Azwan — was the “technical problem” (as claimed by the organisers) when Sarimah was named Best TV3 Host for Entertainment/Sport Programme; she didn’t even appear on the screened visual as a finalist!

Understandably, no one came forward to collect the award. The presenters, Mentor (TV3’s reality TV programme) hosts Ezlynn and JFK, with singer Ferhad holding the trophy, looked perplexed.

When met backstage later, Sarimah said her name was unintentionally left out during the editing process of the video clip featuring the finalists.

“My last hosting stint for the 19th Anugerah Juara Lagu drew such heavy criticism that I decided to quit. With this win, I hope to make a strong comeback. My fees will be the same!” she said with a laugh.

Another “missing” winner was Best Film Actress Nasha Aziz (for Trauma), who told the Pressmen later that she was at the “ladies” when her name was announced. “This win is for all the production crew of the movie, who collectively contributed to a memorable local thriller.”

The night’s big winner, Afdlin, was represented by his wife Christina Orow as “he was away on a prior engagement”. When he arrived later, Afdlin said he was thankful for the win. “It is rare for a film to get recognition at an awards show and to do well at the box-office. I am happy for Buli.”

Perhaps the only thing that evening that made us smile — in a good way — was singer Ella’s natural sweetness when she was presenting an award. Paired with Siti Nurhaliza, she giggled like a schoolgirl and apologised to the audience for taking some time to get to the podium.

“Sorry ya, lambat sikit. Baju ketat…” (I am sorry… my outfit is tight),” which drew laughter and applause from the audience.

We reckon the award show will be remembered for Ella charm and Siti’s opening gambit. ’Nuff said.